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Google Analytics Website Tracking Changed this Year, Is Your Website Still Tracking What You Need?
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Embracing Nextgen Reporting with Google Analytics 4

Whether you are a large business with complex data sets, a small business who is curious to know about how visitors find your website, or anyone in between – we invite you to arm yourself with data to make important decisions. While you may have already had a GA4 account auto-created for you, you will likely need professional support to ensure a smooth transition.

A little bit of background about Google Analytics 4 (GA4)…
So what exactly changed with my website tracking?

Every few years, Google rolls out huge updates to each of their tools and in July 2023, Google Analytics got its major revamp as a completely new tool (GA4).

On July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics (Google Analytics as we used to know it) stopped processing new data and recording website user metrics. If you do not have Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properly installed on your website, you are no longer collecting any new data about visitors and your performance reports will be empty.

While your old Analytics data won’t go away, this installation is required to prevent losing all future insights about your website’s performance. Google proactively migrated some accounts to GA4, but these setups are incomplete and with basic settings configured only.

Why did Google make this change?

Universal Analytics relied heavily on the use of website cookies to track visitors, and with changing privacy laws restricting the use of cookies, Google Analytics 4 is the solution to keep up with a changing ecosystem so you can learn about your customers even with gaps in your data.

How is it different from the Google Analytics I used to use?

It’s not just a software update, it is a completely new tool. A lot of user data you’ve gotten used to collecting and reviewing that came standard in the Universal Analytics version doesn’t come set up for you in GA4 as web metrics are now focused on events, rather than sessions.

Complete Your GA4 Transition As Soon As Possible

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is an entirely different tool because it receives and processes website data differently, so your performance numbers won’t be comparable to the old Universal Analytics. Make sure that your GA4 data is accurate and you auto-created account is customized to your business needs.

GA4 Features You Will Love

Advanced funnel reporting allows you to connect behavior, on-page time duration, and page views into any funnel you’d like. Funnels are retroactive, and you can analyze performance over time

Audiences can be defined by sequences or by the time spent between events. This is super powerful since you can use those for Google Ads remarketing GA4 uses three different user identification methods and can follow users across multiple devices

Predictive metrics to help refine your content and enhanced attribution analysis to understand where your customers are coming from and the channels that drive them to convert

Complete Your GA4 Transition with Nightshift

Nightshift Creative has made it easy to help you complete the move to Google Analytics 4 – we have a team of Google Analytics certified experts who have been working with GA4 from the first day that the beta version was released. As a digital agency specializing in SEO, Paid Media, and Web Development, it was essential we were early adopters of GA4 to become the experts ASAP.

Custom GA4 Setup Package


Obtaining access to your current Google accounts (GA, GTM, GSC, and GAds) and back-end access to your website or partnering with your in-house development team for code deployment
Review your website and current reporting to identify KPIs you currently use to create the list of custom events that will need to be set up


Finalize your GA4 property creation and adding data streams
GTM account creation if required
Deploy GTM code on website (if required)
Creation of up to four (4) custom events
One (1) conversion set up


Quality assurance review
One hour training session for how to navigate and read your newly completed GA4 property
“Getting started with GA4” info sheet takeaway for team members


*per website/property and additional custom events are subject to fees

Already have GA4 installed? Our team offers customized training sessions and configuration, contact us for a quote.

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