Infinite Rot Clothing Brand Development & Digital Advertising for Clothing Company

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Infinite Rot Clothing is a lifestyle and apparel brand on a mission to encourage the pursuit of personal goals and a healthy work/life balance. Their primary focus is to create unique works of art for each piece in their product lines in an attempt to revive the lost attachment consumers have with their clothing.



With an unlimited amount of creativity from their team, but a limited amount of knowledge for starting such an unfamiliar venture, our client needed development of a brand story, branding kit, marketing strategy, logo, eCommerce website, and content creation services for social media platforms in an effort to continually engage their audience.


We worked closely to help tell their story and create a logo that was not only the graphic epitome of their mission, but also one that was appealing to the audience they were trying to reach. We developed a branding kit and marketing strategy complete with the roll out of a custom eCommerce website and the development & implementation of several social media campaigns to encourage website traffic.


Custom Illustration
Identity & Branding
Ecommerce Development


Infinite Rot Clothing, armed with their branding kit, saw their online sales climb and word-of-mouth about the brand spreading with their seasonal releases getting bigger and selling out faster.