Sasha Schwartz Web Development, Graphic Design, & Branding for Hair Salon

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Sasha Schwartz is among Miami’s top stylists – she and her team of five embrace the idea of the “collective concept” salon for unique looks and styles born out of personalized luxury hair care and salon experiences. Using only top-quality products, they collaborate on clients to inspire and create customized looks highlighting unique features and style.



Sasha Schwartz was seeking to rebrand herself and branch out from underneath her previous parent company. She knew that she wanted a new website to be the launch pad for her rebrand, but was unsure of what else she could be utilizing to hit the ground running under her own name.

Logo Exploration


We helped Sasha Schwartz realize that the website, while extremely important, was only a piece of the puzzle – we helped round out her rebranding idea with a custom logo and messaging development to fully convey her brand story. Once the groundwork was in place, we built for her not just a website, but an elegant digital user experience for her customers to easily explore innovative styles and trends, browse available services, and book appointments.


We created a logo, brand story, and website to serve as the jump-off point for Sasha Schwartz and her rebrand. Fully outfitted with new branding materials, she’s working to continue pushing the boundaries of innovative hair styling and keeping her clients happy through the collective concept salon.