Universal Sigh Band Album Art, Packaging, & T-Shirt Design

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Universal Sigh is a quintessential groove rock band based out of Athens, GA. The band has been touring heavily and growing its fan base since 2013. The scope of this project was to create a cohesive artwork package in order to release and promote their new single entitled “Snow Dunes”.

Universal Sigh Drawing Universal Sigh Album Art


Our biggest challenge with this project was creating a unique design that would not only be the center-piece of the entire release, but also resonate with the band’s loyal audience. It was critical that the design would set the appropriate tone and mood for the release.


We took to pen and paper right away. After a lot of exploration and failed sketches, we were able to produce a very rough sketch that embodied the perfect look and feel, as well as subject matter. It was important to us that the design included natural and organic elements to complement the calming nature of the bands sound. With the main design to act as the foundation, we created various other supporting assets, such as t-shirts, tour posters, and social media branding.