Via Frontiers Brand & Website Development for eLearning

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Via Frontiers is a specialized eLearning and mLearning firm with expertise in instructional design and providing custom education technology solutions. They pride themselves on utilizing new perspectives, improved design thinking, and innovative technologies to enhance learning experiences.



As long-time freelancers for other companies, the founders of Via Frontiers were seeking to explore branding themselves as a firm while continuing to expand and serve their customer base. They had unlimited ideas but were seeking direction on how and where to start this venture – starting at the very beginning with identifying a name and brand story.


We worked hand in hand to identify their audiences, the brand story they wanted to tell, channels to reach their audiences, and the name that will resonate best. From there we hit the ground running, we developed a logo, branding kit, brand message, marketing strategy, and developed/implemented a fully customized website for driving traffic and awareness.


Via Frontiers has been brought from idea to reality, armed with a branding kit and marketing plan, and its founders are proud to be onboarding new clients operating under their own brand. Their custom website has been converting leads to customers and they are working hard to continue to grow and evolve as a company.