Brand Care Plans Stop sleeping on your brand. Let us help give it the continuous attention it needs to thrive.

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Secure your website from hackers and provide an opportunity to grow and monetize your brand.

We want to describe to you a common scenario we see far too often: We work closely with a client and design an amazing, unique website experience and digital brand presence. We say, “Who will be handling your web maintenance and marketing?” and offer our expertise to help. The client says, “Maybe later, we will take care of it in-house for now.” The website gets launched and everyone is ecstatic and optimistic. Fast forward a few months; the site has not been found organically by new visitors and lays dormant. The client’s “in-house” team doesn’t have the time, bandwidth, knowledge or resources to provide their beautiful web experience the attention it deserves. The website quickly drops in Google search results (or never ranked to begin with) from SEO neglect, the branding idea from a few months prior never gets fully launched and implemented, and eventually, WordPress and plugins become so outdated, that the site inevitably breaks, or is hacked. The client’s “in-house” team then gives us a frantic phone call in a hurry to fix everything.

Our brand and website care plans were created specifically to avoid the scenario above. We’ve worked too hard to develop a digital presence that will grow your brand and, bottom line, your business is growing and your website needs proper attention to grow with it. Don’t sleep on making your website site perform, see if your needs fit into any of our plans!

Our Brand Care Plans

We’re willing to bet your brand fits into one of the plans below. Select your needs and apply.

Essential Site Care

The basics to keep your site optimized and secure, on a monthly basis.
  • WordPress Updates (Core and Plugins)
  • Malware Scan + Removal
  • Speed Optimization
  • Monthly maintenance & performance report
  • 3 hours devoted to any task(s) you need (Including design & new features)

Managed Site Care

Let us handle hosting, and essential site upkeep on a monthly basis.
  • Managed Hosting
  • WordPress Updates (Core and Plugins)
  • Website backups
  • Malware Scan + Removal
  • Speed Optimization
  • Monthly maintenance & performance report
  • 5 hours devoted to any task(s) you need (Including design & new features)

Growth Care

Stay relevant and grow! Let us handle your digital marketing and social presence on a monthly basis.
  • 3 social posts (across Instagram, Facebook, & Linkedin)
  • Google Ads management
  • Google Analytics management
  • Google My Business management
  • 1 Email Blast

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