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Starter Projects
Your solution to feeling a little overwhelmed or non-committal. Sometimes a quick starter project may be the right move to get things rolling. Here are some easy projects that we guarantee will move your business along. Seriously. No commitment, just results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Jumpstart

A one-time SEO ‘jumpstart’ may be a good project if you know your website is struggling with SEO and organic search traffic, but don’t want to make a large commitment. We’ll audit your entire website and make technical and structural updates to pages and site speed, ensuring you maintain organic search visibility.

Google Ads Jumpstart

Not getting the return you want from your Google Ads campaigns? Our experts will review your current campaigns, make optimizations to maximize your campaign structure, and provide recommendations for driving more conversions.

Website Content Audit

Regularly posting on your blog, but don’t feel like you’re accomplishing anything? We’ll review your current website content to help you discover what is working, what isn’t, and how you can drive higher engagements from audiences by publishing content that truly resonates.

Google Tracking Systems Integration

Lacking the data to make key business decisions? Not sure if your Google Analytics tracking is installed properly or noticing anomalies in your data? We can audit your entire Google Suite setup and arm you with the properly implemented tools for refining and improving your content.

Front-End Website Care Plans

Your website requires continuous attention, whether you can give it or not. We ensure your plugins stay updated, your website is secure, optimized, and relevant with our various Care Plan options. No long term commitments, just immediate results and peace of mind.

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